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Changes to research personnel

You are only required to notify the HREC of changes to the Coordinating Investigator and/or site Principal Investigators. Any other changes to site personnel (for example research assistants or associate investigators) are to be notified to the appropriate Research Governance Officer. For private sites approved by St Vincent’s Hospital HREC, formal notification of changes in associate investigators is not required; however, please notify the Office if the study contact is changing. 

Change of Site Principal Investigator or Coordinating Investigator:

  1. Submit using the standard Notification of Changes in Research Personnel form which can be found under standard forms.  Investigators who are EXTERNAL to St Vincent’s Hospital must also submit a summary CV every 3 years.
  2. All documents must be submitted electronically, via e-mail only.

Please note that for sites at which governance review is performed by the St Vincent's Hospital Research Office, the form only need be submitted to the HREC - it will be passed on to the Governance Officer once approved.

Change of Principal Investigator, associate researcher or research coordinator at a site with governance review by St Vincent's Research Office:

To submit an approved change of Principal Investigator for governance review, a copy of the HREC approval letter and a summary CV should be forwarded to the Research Office. If the change necessitates an update to the CTRA this should be submitted concurrently. 

Please ensure that all submissions are accompanied by a cover letter that lists:

  • the study title

  • the name of the new Principal Investigator

  • the St Vincent’s Research Office file number (usually a 5-digit number where the first 2 numbers indicate the year of submission, eg 13/001)

This cover letter must be signed by the Coordinating Investigator.

Changes to associate investigators or research coordinators, where the Lead HREC does not require notification, should be submitted for governance review using the standard form.