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Important REGIS dates

REGIS (Research Ethics and Governance Information System) is a new online portal that is being introduced by the Office of Health and Medical Research (OHMR) to manage ethics and site governance of health and medical research projects in NSW and ACT public health organisations (PHOs). REGIS will replace the Online Forms website and AURED and you will use it to create and store your all ethics and site-governance applications. REGIS will also be used for progress reports, safety notifications and amendments.

Important REGIS dates:

  • 26 February 2018 - Soft-Rollout commences at St Vincent’s Hospital

Selected new research applications for single centre studies conducted entirely within St Vincent’s Hospital Sydney will be processed using REGIS.

  • 29 March 2018 - Soft-Rollout phase completed across all NSW LHDs

Research applications created via the Online Forms website will no longer be accepted by the Research Office. Data Migration process commences.

  • 16th April 2018 - Full State-Wide Rollout for all studies

REGIS will be used for all studies conducted at any site from 16 April 2018.

BLACKOUT PERIOD: Please note that there will be a blackout period from 29 March 2018 to 16 April 2018 during which no HREAs, SSAs, amendments or other study documents will be processed by the Research Office. From 16 April 2018 REGIS will be used for all studies conducted at any site.

REGIS updates will be made regularly to the Research Community in an ongoing sense.  Additional information can be found on the REGIS website:

Please feel free to contact the St Vincent’s Hospital Research Office directly with any questions:


Phone: 02 8382 4960