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Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine specialises in the use of radioactive substances for the diagnosis, management, and treatment of disease. We offer Nuclear Medicine services using the most advanced imaging and therapeutic techniques currently available.

With a strong emphasis on teaching and research, we are constantly innovating new techniques and procedures aimed at delivering more accurate, efficient imaging services cumulating in better patient outcomes.

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  • Dr Lisa Tarlinton (Service Director)
  • A/Prof Louise Emmett
  • A/Prof Nicholas Pocock
  • Dr Edwin Szeto
  • Dr Lyn Chan
  • Dr Bao (Sonny) Ho

Is it safe?

The procedures used in Nuclear Medicine are extremely safe with no adverse long-term effects observed thus far. The amount of radiation used with each procedure is minimal, short-lived and typically expelled from the body within days by natural processes. Only very small amounts of radiopharmaceuticals are given to patients during the procedures performed in Nuclear Medicine; just enough to provide the necessary diagnostic information.

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